Unified Framework for Fixing Our Broken Tax Code

The “Unified Framework for Fixing Our Broken Tax Code” was released today (click here to read). While the proposal provides a broad outline of what the White House and Congressional leaders are aiming for with tax reform, there is nothing specific in the package regarding WOTC. Important for Mckenzie Chase clients is the proposal says, […]


CONGRESS TO TAKE UP TAX REFORM IN SEPTEMBER WOTC MAY BE POISED TO BECOME PERMANENT With the Senate appearing to table Healthcare reform for the foreseeable future, Congress is now preparing to move on to tax reform as the next item on their agenda. Negotiators for the Administration and Congressional Republicans appear to be reaching […]

The failure of Congress to enact Healthcare reform re-shines the spotlight

FAILURE TO ENACT HEALTHCARE REFORM KEEPS THE DOOR OPEN …to saving your company money. Companies with at or below minimum wage earners with a health insurance plan can provide enhanced healthcare benefits to qualified employees while both cutting healthcare costs and avoiding ACA fines for healthcare non-compliance. The failure of Congress to enact Healthcare reform […]

FAQ – Payroll

How does it work? To begin the payroll process, we will consult with your IT department or payroll company to establish a file layout and protocol for each payroll period. Then we use your payroll data to determine whether your hires fulfill the necessary hourly work requirements that qualifies them for WOTC tax credits. We […]

FAQ – Online WOTC Screening

What are the benefits of using your online system? These are just a few benefits of switching to our online system: Provides one convenient location for all necessary forms, which are kept up-to-date. All submitted surveys provide a verification code, which can help you track which employees have completed the necessary forms. This online system […]

FastrackHR Demo Offer

Designed and built by Mckenzie Chase Management, our FastrackHR OnBoarding system allows you to efficiently recruit, hire, and train your new employees online. FastrackHR provides you with a single online location for job applications, I-9 forms, W-4’s, Labor Compliance disclosures and sign-offs,  and employee handbooks. FastrackHR also provides employee training, including: Sexual Harassment Training for […]

Cutting Healthcare Costs with WOTC Screening

As a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation, employers can face dramatically increased healthcare costs. To reduce the potential cost of healthcare for both employers and employees, the ACA includes a provision that allows low-income employees to qualify for free government healthcare coverage under Medicaid, giving the employer a waiver for each of […]

Using MCM’s Online WOTC System

Mckenzie Chase Management clients can use a simplified approach to WOTC by moving to our online screening platform. When starting the online WOTC system, each home office and location receives: Secure login credentials, including a login name and password A link to hiring forms Administrative access to monitor activity Using the online WOTC system is […]

Unemployment and WOTC

As a tax credit advisory firm we look at unemployment data differently. When the monthly rate comes out we turn right to the data table (link below). We’ve discovered a statistic that is, at the same time, shocking and interesting. This number is especially interesting to those participating in employer tax credit programs. Who are the “Unemployed“: The definition […]