5 Reasons to Outsource: DIY?

Do It Yourself? After a complimentary demonstration of our web-based or paper processes you might think, “This looks so easy I can do it myself!” As an MCM Client it IS very easy to capture your fair share of savings, but doing it yourself is a grueling nightmare of paperwork and regulatory red tape. FOR EXAMPLE:  You can choose to maintain your own vehicle, but unless you have the expertise, time, and proper tools, the cost to perform the work will be greater than the cost to outsource. In addition, time spent on administration is time NOT focused on core business priorities. Outsourcing to MCM will result in maximum savings and less work for you and your staff.

Download the free report about the history of the WOTC Program here.

OR, find out, from an expert, if you qualify for Employer Incentives on this page.

Click here to see supporting calculations and read client testimonials about the benefits of outsourcing to MCM.


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