FAQ – Online WOTC Screening

What are the benefits of using your online system?

These are just a few benefits of switching to our online system:

  • Provides one convenient location for all necessary forms, which are kept up-to-date.
  • All submitted surveys provide a verification code, which can help you track which employees have completed the necessary forms.
  • This online system ensures employee and applicant privacy.
  • Our online system can reduce the amount of paper your staff will have to track and mail.

How can my applicants and new hires access your e-survey?

Each client will be given their own personal URL link. The link can be shared with your applicants and will take them to the appropriate survey location. These forms can be accessed either remotely or at a client work site.

Can your online survey be accessed on a smart phone, tablet, or iPad?

Yes, our website can be accessed on a computer or any of these devices.

I have a lot of Spanish-speaking applicants and new hires. Is the e-survey available in Spanish?

Yes, there is a Spanish version of the e-survey. However, to comply with with IRS requirements, data from the e-survey will be populated in form 8850 in English.

Can I see a demo of how this works?

Of course! Just click here to send an email to schedule a demo or call McKenzie Chase at 206-547-8277.

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