Fastrack Onboard Training Offer

Designed and built by Mckenzie Chase Management, the Fastrack OnBoard labor compliance system allows you to efficiently recruit, hire, and train your new employees online. Fastrack Onboard provides you with a single online location for job applications, I-9 forms, W-4’s, Labor Compliance disclosures and sign-offs,  and employee handbooks. Fastrack Onboard also provides employee training, including:

  • Sexual Harassment Training for Managers
  • Active Shooter Response Training
  • Workplace Violence Safety Training
  • Safety Orientation
  • Electrical Safety Training
  • Workplace Safety Training
  • Restaurant Safety Training

If you are interested, you can request a 14-day demo of any two of our 30-minute HR Compliance Training courses, available at Call (206) 282-0234 or email Mike Lancey to learn more.

Automation and Technology are Your Friends at McKenzie Chase | Mckenzie Chase Management | 2016-10-20 12:18:51

[…] The third alternative to completing WOTC forms… if you are considering WOTC On-Line, and/or automated payroll feeds, you may also want to look at our HR OnBoarding Software that enables you to recruit, hire and train your new employees online. Click here to view our SPECIAL DEMO OFFER. […]

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