The failure of Congress to enact Healthcare reform re-shines the spotlight

…to saving your company money. Companies with at or below minimum wage earners with a health insurance plan can provide enhanced healthcare benefits to qualified employees while both cutting healthcare costs and avoiding ACA fines for healthcare non-compliance.
The failure of Congress to enact Healthcare reform legislation re-shines the spotlight on a much-endangered species in the world of company-sponsored healthcare:  an opportunity to cut company paid health insurance costs for qualified employees while increasing the quality of care that is available to them.
One of the lesser-known reforms under ACA is the ability to offer free government-sponsored health insurance to lower paid employees and new hires, without incurring any penalties and in full compliance with the ACA legislation.  This opportunity is one of the provisions in the Medicaid Expansion of ACA.  Efforts to replace ACA would have phased out this program,
but even if it had become law, it would have remained in effect until 2022, providing several years of savings opportunities for companies.
And in the end, opposition to Medicaid Expansion phase out by more than a half dozen Republican Senators and Governors was a major reason for the measure going down to defeat.
In the event that Healthcare reform resurfaces, it is a high probability that this cost savings program will be included in any final measure.
Did you know that McKenzie Chase Management has a service that can help your company take advantage of these savings?  Chances are, if you are hiring WOTC-qualified employees you are also hiring many employees who do NOT need to be on your healthcare plan and can opt for free and better coverage through the government.  To find out more, email Roy Goldman or Mike Lancey or call us at 1-866-547-8277.
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