Using MCM’s Online WOTC System

Mckenzie Chase Management clients can use a simplified approach to WOTC by moving to our online screening platform. When starting the online WOTC system, each home office and location receives:

  • Secure login credentials, including a login name and password
  • A link to hiring forms
  • Administrative access to monitor activity

Using the online WOTC system is simple. Once it is set up, applicants use the following process:

  • Create a profile and complete MCM’s pre-screening worksheet, which will automatically populate the following forms:
    • Form 8850
    • A release of consent
    • The new long-term unemployment (LTU) affidavit, if applicable
  • Employees electronically sign each form in compliance with the Electronic Signature Act
  • The data and completed forms are sent electronically to Mckenzie Chase Management
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