In our last blog, late December, McKenzie Chase promised to send updates regarding re-authorization.
Here’s the latest news:
Congratulations! The WOTC has been re-authorized by both Houses of Congress and signed into law.
We hope you all had a great holiday. We wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. On December 20th President Trump signed the 2 year, $2.7 trillion budget deal H. R. 1865 into law. You can review the bill by clicking the text tab on Congress’ website here.
As we have been saying all year, WOTC was renewed for 2020. WOTC will continue to operate as before so keep on doing what you are doing. Congress also authorized an additional $2M in administrative funding which we hope will help states improve and update their processes. In addition, the Indian Employment Credits was renewed retroactive to 1/1/18 which is a generous credit that must be coordinated with your Work Opportunity program.
This past year saw a groundswell of support for WOTC. Fifty members of the House and Senate signed on to co-sponsor legislation to make WOTC a permanent program. In addition, more than 50 major corporations who hire many thousands of employees every year and over 60 industry groups both sent a letters to Congress supporting WOTC. Support for WOTC has never been higher.
Still, challenges lay ahead. 2020 is an election year and in the current political climate, it promises to be quite contentious. Election year politics will likely make getting things done in Washington harder than it was last year. The focus will be on campaigning and passing major legislation will be difficult at best.
We will continue to work with our partners to promote WOTC beyond this year, and, as always, keep you updated about any progress.
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