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The interest of CFO’s, and Controllers, in tax credit programs has changed dramatically since the introduction of major Federal Stimulus Packages starting in 2009.

Here’s what clients’ CFO’s and Controllers are saying:

“I don’t think it gets any simpler like that when you can outsource something that someone has a specialty in that that’s their primary focus and responsibility it makes it much easier as a management company to have one less thing on our plate.”
Controller, Security Guard and Patrol Service

“Well it’s seamless, there are so many things you just don’t have to bother yourself with because they handle the whole part of that as far as all the paperwork, all the guidelines.”
Chief Financial Officer, Fruit Grower and Shipper

“You can do a lot of little things in a mediocre way? Or you can concentrate on what you’re good at. And, I want to concentrate on what I’m good at and and together we make a good team.”
Controller, Security Services Firm

Today, financial departments are more comfortable than ever before seeking employment incentives. With the continued support by congress of the WOTC program, and potential for permanent status, employment tax credit programs have truly entered the main stream.

“The thing I love about McKenzie Chase is I can pick up the phone and call Mike, and he says, ‘I got it, I’m emailing it over to you.’ And so response time. And having that personal relationship, and just knowing that I can call and I can talk to the person already handling my company’s program.“
Regional Controller, Hotel Management Firm

“I would say MCM is very responsive. You know most of the time he’s so proactive he didn’t have to respond to anything I’m asking because he’s already there, giving me what I needed.”
Controller, Security Guard and Patrol Company

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