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Gain access to the same process that Fortune 500 companies use to save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Here’s what owners of client businesses have said:

“Huge savings, huge savings. For every dollar that we save MCM only cost us pennies, so it’s a huge benefit for us… and to save thousands of dollars at the end of the year.”
Investor, Casual Dining Establishment

“I’m not involved in the day to day interaction with McKenzie Chase, so from my perspective it’s very easy. The results are terrific. Our business operates on very tight margins, and so getting those tax credits really helps the business. And it’s an important benefit.”
Owner, Fruit Grower

“I think really it’s a situation where we have a shared goal. The tax credits benefit us, while they benefit McKenzie Chase as well. And obviously that’s an acceptable arrangement and one that benefits both companies. “
Owner, Marketing Research Firm

Government legislation has been signed, with more in committee, that entitle you and your business to enjoy substantial benefits for participation.

“It’s just pennies on the dollar compared to the savings that we actually get. If we save a dollar it’s just a few pennies that MCM charges us for that.”
Owner, Family Restaurant

“You know, owners want to see their hotels making money, and they want to see some growth on their end so if they can get money back without having to put in a ton of work it’s good all around.”
HR Generalist, Hotel Management Firm

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