EZ-Credits Makes WOTC Submission Fast, Easy, and Paperless!

MCM’s online EZ-Credits makes it simple to submit your WOTC tax credit screening and hiring forms.

Paperless online WOTC pre-screening survey makes online tax credits easier than paper WOTC forms because:

  • MCM’s custom online survey is easier to understand than the government’s paper forms so that you will earn WOTC tax credits for a larger percentage of your eligible employees.
  • MCM’s online e-survey saves time; it populates employee information directly onto all official forms and accepts electronic signatures. 

And there are even more benefits.

  • Your hiring sites can say good-bye to paper forms. When Congress authorizes new WOTC categories and changes the IRS 8850, your employees won’t need to round up and discard old WOTC forms and replace them with new ones. Changes are managed online by MCM – seamless and effortless for your team members.
  • No more forms to mail.  All information is entered and signed electronically.
  • MCM’s Online E-credit services are available in English and Spanish. Note: Federal regulations require that Form 8850 (which will be populated directly from the survey) must be completed and signed in English.
  • Faster certifications and reviews. About a dozen states, including Washington, accept WOTC data online and give priority processing to e-data.
  • With future revisions of WOTC, more and more states will develop electronic data transfers. Current IRS guidelines require states that cannot accept electronic transmissions to treat paper copies of web-based forms and e-signatures with the same authority as paper forms with wet signatures.
  • If your employment application is paper-based, you can use MCM online E-Credits as a stand-alone to reduce the administrative burden on your staff.

Request a demo or contact us today to talk with a federally licensed tax credit specialist to discover how your hiring sites can save time and streamline WOTC submissions.

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