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Can’t keep up? get simple, get results, stay sane… add MCM  to your HR team. McKenzie Chase Management’s tax credit programs provide insights into the people process enabling HR Departments to deliver powerful results with minimal investment of in-house personnel.

Here’s what our clients’ HR managers are saying:

“I mean it’s easy – it’s easy admin work for me. Basically we hire – when we do hiring – we sign the back of a sheet, mail it in, … and look for the tax credits – I mean it’s very easy work for us here.”
HR Manager, Marketing Research Call Center

“It’s just been wonderful. We don’t worry about anything, they’ve proven themselves to be very accurate, the information they provide back to us is detailed.”
Payroll Administrator, Agricultural Firm

“You know with Mike, with McKenzie Chase, I feel totally comfortable just giving Mike the reigns so I don’t have to deal with it, one less thing to work with our hotels is great, so yeah its been really nice.”
HR Assistant, Hotel Management Firm

“With the HIRE Act credits they did go the extra mile because that was a lot more paperwork for them to go through and like I said, any questions I ever have they had the answer right away”
Office Manager, Grower and Food Processing Firm

“So the tax credits come rolling in- you see it, and you’re just excited- and you speak with the owners and they’re excited as well and it’s good on both ends.”
HR Manager, Marketing Research Call Center

As a leading provider of tax credit administration, MCM focuses on the unique needs of HR Directors, HR departments, and their hiring managers in the field.

“You know they’ve really done a great job reaching out to our contacts at hotels directly, developing relationships for them,”
HR Manager, Hotel Management Firm

“I was really pleased with the effort that McKenzie Chase put in, in contacting all of our locations because we have multiple locations and we’re spread all over multiple states and they worked with us.”
Controller and HR Manager, Security Services Company

MCM deploys an employer tax credit solution which is much easier to implement that comparable programs. HR Departments are open to outsourced solutions that help tame the complexity and relieve onerous burdens on staff.
Tax Credit Advisor, McKenzie Chase Management

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