Welcome to the World of Electronic Tax Credits

MCM is delighted to inform our clients that your WOTC screening process can be streamlined using MCM’s new Online EZ-Credits tool.  Utilizing this state-of-the-art system will simplify your life, eliminating the paper WOTC forms and the need to mail them to MCM.  In addition, your EZ-Credits tool is designed to provide higher compliance, by making the WOTC forms much easier to complete, which will result in even more savings.

In addition, MCM Clients using an applicant tracking or talent management system can link that system to MCM Online EZ-credits.  A popular solution, for tying-in 3rd party system, comes when MCM embeds with links to MCM’s Online EZ-Credit tools.

Clients who prefer to use a paper job application will be provided with online tools at MCM’s Online EZ-Credits system, whether or not tax credit forms or hiring is performed there.   MCM’s Online EZ-Credits system is your WOTC program’s new home for faster and better tax credit administration.

MCM’s online tax credit tools and related training, as needed, are available at no cost.

Here are a few benefits of MCM’s Online EZ-Credits:

  • Makes tax credits even easier
  • Responds to employees and hiring managers, is interactive and flexible
  • More completions due to simpler format
  • Faster certifications and better results
  • Allows for fully compliant electronic signatures
  • Pre-screens online, no postage or envelopes
  • Enables smart reporting from the application to hiring including employee tracking

MCM’s Online OnBoarding (FastrackHR.com):

  • Simplifies applications, on-boarding and employee tracking
  • Automated form completions resulting in zero unreadable forms
  • Saves natural resources with sustainable practices and makes processes as paperless as you’d like

A few additional benefits to you are as follows:

  • May be utilized as a stand-alone online pre-screening tax credit application
  • Reduce the burden on your admins by utilizing MCM’s EZ-Credits
  • Can be set up inline with your job application or on-boarding
  • Hiring trend data based on your actual hiring processes
  • Enhanced management and new hire compliance reporting
  • Available in both English and Spanish
  • Additional employment incentives
  • MCM’s File Transfer Program

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