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The Time is Right to Capture Tax Credits

  • Tax credit opportunity has increased due to the economic distress caused by Covid19.
  • We expect that relief legislation passed in response to COVID-19 will increase qualifications.
  • Employers are hiring more personnel who qualify.
  • Economic disruption has increased unemployment and expanded the number of people who qualify a business for employer tax credit programs.
  • The WOTC has been authorized through the end of the year only. MCM can help you maximize this unique opportunity for yourself and your clients.
  • Work with MCM and capture the maximum tax credit savings available. 

What Your Clients Get

  • Turnkey and easy-to-use tax credit programs that reduce federal and state taxes
  • Most of these programs, including WOTC, are audit-proof, but we also guarantee full support in the event of an audit – at no additional cost
  • Risk-free contingency fees
  • Clients will also receive access to a free state-of-the-art HR software Employee Onboarding System.

You Received This Letter

As a trusted advisor, employers look to you for ways to protect staff and their families with affordable group health plans. You are the healthcare expert that Benefits and HR Directors rely on to balance concerns for effectiveness, compliance, and cost.

The MCM Tax Credit Alliance is an effective way to add value to your clients through a Human Resource and Finance Department focused federal program called the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). WOTC is most valuable to companies who hire significant numbers of entry-level, less skilled employees, either full or part-time. Tax credit savings vary from a maximum of $2,400 to $9,600 per qualified employee!

For interested brokers, we provide the opportunity for fee-sharing.

The process for obtaining WOTC savings does have some government red tape and statutory reporting deadlines, but MCM’s job is to do all of that heavy lifting.  Our clients know that we do all of the work, and they take the credits.  Most importantly, companies do not have to change hiring practices or standards. Working with McKenzie Chase is risk-free since our fees are 100% contingency-based and are equal to a small percentage of the tax savings we generate.

For more than 35 years, McKenzie Chase Management has helped large, medium, and small companies reduce federal and state tax liabilities by managing their participation in WOTC and state-specific tax credits. You may not have heard of us before, but I’m sure you’re familiar with one or more of our clients. A few of their comments are enclosed.

If you haven’t already, get in touch with MCM about the MCM Tax Credit Alliance.